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Richard Fairbairn – Curation Cloud 2.0 Free Download

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Richard Fairbairn – Curation Cloud 2.0 Free Download

Richard Fairbairn – Curation Cloud 2.0

Richard Fairbairn – Curation Cloud 2.0 Free Download

Hey Fellow Entrepreneur,

So have you ever heard of this site called Of course you have. I’m just pulling your chain. Hard to believe at one point they were the search engine powerhouse. But that’s not why I’m writing you today…

The reason for this page is that I want to share a little tactic that I found on Yahoo that can truly help you create site Let me explain…

After Doing Some Digging…You Won’t Believe The Results I’ve Found…

First up, let’s clarify something. is currently worth 4.83 BILLION with a capital B. In case you’re wondering, that’s nine zeros with a ton of commas. enough to buy a small country.

They also are ranked the 5th top site in the U.S., the 11th top site in the world, and the #1 news and media site in that perspective category. But how does Yahoo keep people coming back to their site day in and day out? Simple. It’s all about the content.

But as you’ll notice when you visit Yahoo again, they are using a tactic where they aren’t using their own in house writers nor are they outsourcing work to freelancers. You know what they were doing? Curation. Content Curation to be more precise.




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