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Top High-Ticket Fiverr Gigs 2021 Free Download

Top High-Ticket Fiverr Gigs 2021 Free Download


Fiverr can be a profitable place to sell in-demand services for several reasons:
a) It’s a safe and well-regulated platform
b) It has targetted traffic built in, and (because it’s the pre-eminent microgig site) there’s tons of it.

Downsides, apart from the excessive commission (IMO), one of the biggest issues if you’re starting from scratch, is figuring out what gigs to sell. Specifically: which kind of gigs are in high demand AND ALSO command a high price? (Because selling lots and lots of $5 gigs is quite tedious)

I built a bot to answer that question and have uploaded a list (in Excel format) of a large number of scraped gigs which have high traffic and which are currently being sold for £300 or more (around $410+). The different tabs are the results using different keywords. Check out the links for more details of each gig to see what is selling and the prices being charged. Then ask yourself: could I do something similar?