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Michal Malewicz – Hype4 Academy – Designing User Interfaces Free Download

Michal Malewicz – Hype4 Academy – Designing User Interfaces Free Download

The Bestselling UI book that makes a real change and impact!

It’s the most comprehensive and complete guide (622 pages and growing) to UI design with the essential, expert knowledge that you will need to work as a designer.

This book is making a huge impact on the designer careers by:

✅ Helping aspiring designers learn the basics of UI

✅ Helping junior designers get their first design job

✅ Helping more experienced designers level up their skills and get a better-paid position

If you want your skills to improve and your design career to blossom – you’re in the right place!

???? Critically acclaimed, expert knowledge

Unlike other books on the market, Designing User Interfaces is written by industry experts, with knowledge coming from years of experience in developing digital products.That knowledge is based on us working in digital product design for the last 23 years for both Fortune 500 companies and small, innovative startups. We also talk at leading industry conferences.

???? Thanks to this book, designers worldwide are leveling up and landing their dream design job positions in a matter of weeks.

This knowledge will help you to level up as a designer much faster than you assumed is possible.

✅ Many of our readers are leveling up their design skills and they’re already getting 2x higher hourly rates

✅ Hundreds of designers are successfully landing their first job in the design industry (after many failed attempts) with the help of this book

✅ We explain all the parts of a user interface, from colors, grids, typography, gradients, interaction, and prototyping – everything you will need on a daily work basis

✅ But we don’t stop there – we also share with you how to achieve success in design, how to learn, and how to grow as a designer