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ETSY Shop – Complete Course To Create ETSY Side Income Free Download

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ETSY Shop – Complete Course To Create ETSY Side Income Free Download

ETSY Shop – Complete Course To Create ETSY Side Income Free Download

ETSY Shop – Complete Course To Create ETSY Side Income Free Download

Practical guide for anyone at any age and skill level – niche picking, digital marketing, cost saving, pivot Etsy growth

What you’ll learn

  • Did you know there are three millionaire stores on Etsy? what do they sell?
  • How to pick YOUR niche based on search volume? how to Search the Search?
  • Want to know something about the one year old art store that sells 400 copies/month?
  • Did you know one face mask store sold a quarter million masks in 2020?
  • What sells on Etsy? Selecting products to carry based on crawled market data and niche trends.
  • Practical notes from a practicing Etsy owner: real store screen shots, session grabs, store logistics videos.
  • Draw traffic with SEO and on/off site advertising – tried and true tactics. Saves your budget.
  • Proprietary market research insights on winning products, busy stores, sales volume, and profitability.
  • Relax. Etsy is perfect entrepreneur bootcamp – Planning, executing and growing a thriving and growing side business.
  • Million dollar sales stores, mask stores, art stores, trends, and stores of explosive growth reviews.
  • Source procucement and supply chain upstream management. Sales estimate and store growth strategies.
  • Etsy store as a business – it is a great mindset practice even you have no money and experience.
  • Largest collection of cases of actual products and their stores, including art stores, million stores, etc.
  • Keep your job and have meaningful side income stream


  • Be able to learn by doing.


Want to have a side business that can earn $2000/month side income?  Let an Etsy shop owner show you how to build a great niche shop from scratch and enjoy side income for life.  Etsy is great.  It is not too big, and not too small.  It is a market just right for beginners with no experience and no money – anyone can at any age. In this class I want to show you insights and practical advice. Let’s dig deep.

Everyone should and could have a store.  This course has three major differences. 1. We use exclusive market research data from proprietary crawling. 2. I am a real store own and will show behind the scene operation pictures of the shop. 3. I will show you money saving and time saving tricks to navigate the world of SEO, niche, product, and growth.

My name is Chang Liu.  I am a shop owner and an entrepreneurship advisor.  I have been working on product introduction, digital marketing and business building for over 15 years.  Feel free to check my other Udemy courses and Quora space on startup.

Three advantages of Etsy over Amazon or eBay:

1. There is no cost to start, Etsy is easy on budget;

2. The platform is forgiving on newbie mistakes;

3. It is not saturated (no matter what you have been told) and anyone has a chance.

There are three major cautions:

1. Success takes time.  Etsy has a time line that takes time, even if you are on the right track.

2. It is unlikely someone get insanely rich quickly.  However, it is possible to have a side income business.

3. One benefits of starting to sell is you gain the business mindset.  Once you know how to build a shop business, you can build any business.



Should I do it? Can I make money?

Picking a product and niche

Reaching out and drawing potential customers

Elementary online steps to open your store

Advanced digital skills

Physical store logistics

Managing the growth of a store

Practical topics; advanced topics; tactics


The promise of a benefit:

In this class, you will learn how million dollar stores do their product selection and arrange their business.  You will set up a store at no cost and get started playing in the business sandbox.  You become a true business person, without quitting your job.

Etsy skills from A to Z:

A: Advertise

B: Build your store

C: Customers

D: Domination (of niche)

E: Experimenting

F: Factory and source

G: Grow

L: Logistics

M: Marketing and hustle

N: Niche picking

P: Products, pivot and profits

S: Search engine

T: Time and magic of time

X: Pivot and grow

Y: Secret sauce and trade secret

W: Win your niche


Most people’s startup is a “self high”.  Avoid this.

They think they are smart and can do great things uniquely.

They want people to find their unique thing and appreciate it instantly.

They want people to pay for that.

This scenario does not work.

Most of things people want to buy have been produced.  People don’t buy many things, including worthy and interesting offerings.  People take time to make purchasing decisions, and people only find you when you place YOURSELF on THEIR THOUGHT PASS.

Who this course is for:

  • Etsy shop builders with no business experience and no money.


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